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Statement Of Commitment To Child Safety


Possums Corner Childcare is deeply committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment. This commitment is underpinned by our dedication to inclusivity and empowerment of all children in our care. 

Inclusivity lies at the heart of Possums Corner's approach to child safety. The centre welcomes children and families from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for all. Additionally, Possums Corner prioritises the inclusion and safety of children with additional needs, ensuring they receive the support and accommodations necessary to thrive in our childcare environment.


Empowering children to have a voice and speak up when they feel unsafe is paramount at Possums Corner. Possums Corner maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of abuse or harm to children. All allegations and safety concerns are treated with the utmost seriousness and are consistently handled in accordance with guidelines set by the Office of the Children’s Guardian. This ensures a transparent and robust approach to safeguarding children's welfare.

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