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Our Philosophy

At Possums Corner, we value and welcome every family. We believe that children are competent and capable learners who make sense of their world through the relationships they form with their families, friends, educators, and our wider community. Our philosophy is inspired by theorists, Vygotsky, Piaget, Montessori and Reggio Emilia.

In relation to the educational program

Our program emphasises play-based learning through which children are empowered to discover, create, and imagine in their own time. We believe children learn autonomously and value the ‘magical moments’ that occur during spontaneous, child-initiated experiences.

Intentional teaching and structured learning sessions are also embedded in our daily program. We believe teacher-led experiences that extend upon children’s interests and strengths are a foundation from which we can challenge children’s learning and engagement in meaningful experiences.

In relation to children

We believe that children express themselves through their play and that children will engage in learning experiences when they feel “safe, secure and supported” and experience a sense of belonging (DEEWR, 2009).

We value and respect each child’s interests and strengths and celebrate their uniqueness. We recognise the complexity of learning and encourage children to become “confident and involved learners” by building their self-help, problem-solving and risk-taking skills and frequently providing freedom of choice. We encourage children to be active investigators in their environment leading their own learning and development during their learning journey.

In relation to educators

We value the depth of experience our team offers our community. The cultural beliefs, linguistic and religious diversity represented within our Service forms the foundation of our program and promotes an inclusive environment for all.

Our educators are committed to engage in professional development and critical reflection to ensure their continual growth. We value cultural competence as it broadens our view on what it means to Be, Belong and Become (EYLF, DEEWR, 2009). We believe in a team-teaching approach where all educators are equally respected and valued for their contribution.

We embrace the same view as the first peoples of Australia to nurture every child’s respect and care for the land. We treasure the wonder and beauty of natural environments because they are abundant in opportunities for supporting a sense of care for living creatures and the natural environment.

In relation to families

Families are the first and most important people in children’s lives. We value their input and the critical role parents have as active participants and partners in their child’s learning journey.

We seek to engage families in meaningful relationships to create collaborative partnerships and to deliver holistic education that connects the home context to our centre. We respect and value the uniqueness of each family and make it a priority to embrace various cultures, traditions, languages, and ways of life in our community.


We provide a homely environment in which children connect with one another and are supported to develop lifelong dispositions for learning and active community engagement.

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